I hear something that you hear too

By Christine Mellich & Leonie Hentschel July 2, 2024


"Ich höre was, was du auch hörst" is the podcast of the Konzerthaus Berlin. What is there to know about the orchestra? What does time sound like? What did Fanny & Felix do 200 years ago? And who is the queen of instruments? In 5 more exciting episodes for people aged 7 and over, music educators Christine and Leonie explore a number of research questions. The episodes are between 5 and 10 minutes long and were produced by sound engineer Florian Weber. Send us your topic requests and ideas to podcast@konzerthaus.de

The podcast is only available in German.


Pictures of an exhibition

Going to an exhibition? Do you really think that's boring? ... No way! You just stroll around and ... suddenly a whole host of doors and new fantasy worlds open up. A hut on chicken feet, an enchanted castle and a rumbling old gnome are waiting to be discovered.


Fanny & Felix

The siblings Fanny & Felix lived in Berlin 200 years ago and got on particularly well. They both loved music, played the piano and composed wonderful pieces of music ... and they wrote letters to each other to keep each other up to date. You should definitely get to know them!

Podcast in German language


The organ

It blows, chirps, squawks, chirps and croaks ... is this one of the richest-sounding instruments in the world? Hear, hear, it's the queen of instruments with her 5811 pipes that lives in the Konzerthaus Berlin. Christine and Leonie can't help but be amazed. Just listen and be amazed!

Podcast in German language


The year in music

In keeping with the seasonal theme 2024/25 "Time", we're setting the seasons and months to music. What do you think the moody month of April sounds like? What should a birthday sound like? And if you want to find out which composer wrote the iciest winter, then listen in!

Podcast in German language


Time in music

And once again it's about time ... our heartbeat is like a clock ticking, as is the metronome, a device that helps to keep the tempo, i.e. the time, when making music. Is your "fast" "slow" for me? Can you be any slower than slow? It ticks, it beats, music sounds, time passes ... 

Podcast in German language


And here you can listen to more episodes of the podcast

Season 1 - from 7 years


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