I hear something you hear too

By Christine Mellich & Leonie Hentschel July 4, 2023


"I hear something you hear too" is the new podcast of the Konzerthaus Berlin. What is actually a scandal in music? Who has dared to do something new and why? And how would you put together your soundtrack of life? In four exciting episodes for people aged 13 and over, music educators Christine and Leonie whet your appetite for a wide variety of music and sounds. The episodes are between 5 and 10 minutes long and were produced by sound engineer Florian Weber. You can write to us with your wishes and feedback at podcast@konzerthaus.de.


Scandals in music

What actually is a scandal? And what scandals have there been in music? The 23-24 season starts with Stravinsky's "Sacre du printemps", which just caused an uproar at its premiere in Paris. An exciting music that caused commotion ... and what does it do to you?


Program music

How do composers actually come up with all their ideas? Sometimes they take a story, a poem, a picture as a basis and set it to music. In this episode, Christine and Leonie track down a few works with a programme. It's amazing what is and has been turned into music!


Dare something new

Boring classical music? ... no way! In the 20th century, people broke with traditions and conventions in many different ways. So many great things were created because composers dared to do something new and wanted to create completely new, unfamiliar sounds. Have you ever heard Intonarumori? Or prepared piano? There are so many cool possibilities!


Soundtrack of life

Who knows this feeling that one's life is a film? From epic to sad, dramatic and relaxed, it's all there. Carried by moods and fluctuations, we go through the day. But with which soundtrack? Here is a suggestion ...

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