I hear something you hear too

By Christine Mellich & Leonie Hentschel July 4, 2023


"I hear something that you hear too" is the new podcast of the Konzerthaus Berlin. What is interesting to know about Mozart? Why did people have to scratch their heads so much in the Baroque era? And what does my world actually sound like? In four exciting episodes for people aged 7 and up, music educators Christine and Leonie explore a number of research questions. The episodes are between 5 and 10 minutes long and were produced by sound engineer Florian Weber. Send us your topic wishes and ideas to podcast@konzerthaus.de.



Fairy tales & music

In keeping with the season's theme 23-24 "Once upon a time ...", it's about stories and music that move the world. What does the firebird sound like? How musical are Cinderella's nasty sisters? And through which instrument does Scheherazade speak to us? ... And if they have not died, then they are still alive today ...



Four times a year on a Sunday morning you have the opportunity to go with your family to the Mozart Matinee at the Konzerthaus Berlin. But what do we actually know about Mozart? What did he like? And what really annoyed him? Listen to his short, exciting life!



What a time, the baroque era! Opulent dresses and putti, lots of wigs, the music of Johann Sebastian Bach and Antonio Vivaldi ... Would you have liked to have lived in that time? And what does a harpsichord actually sound like?


What does my world sound like?

Christine has a great imagination and hears what she sees. She sees a panther, but for Leonie it's just a cat ... but at some point Leonie also sees what she hears and bathes in the music. Ha! Have we made you curious? ... Then listen in! And tell us what your world sounds like ...


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