Artist in Residence Augustin Hadelich has been with us at the Konzerthaus for almost a season now - and next week we're going on tour with him! But before we get on the train together, we share ride on the south elevator. It's notoriously slow, but at least it rarely breaks down!

As a soloist, you know many concert halls and their facilities . Is our elevator a world record holder in terms of slowness?

This elevator is definitely one of the slowest. However, it's not unusual for elevators in concert halls to be slow; it has certainly to do with the fact that in that way, they don't make any noise that could disturb the concerts. This elevator here goes straight up to the small hall, so that's important!

Does slowness bother you in everyday life or is it sometimes even welcome?

In life as well as in music, it's important to find moments of peace. Unfortunately, I never manage to do that in the elevator...

Would you say that you have a lot of patience?

I've had to learn patience over the years, I'm not really a patient person. You need a lot of patience and perseverance when practising, and also when travelling (not just in elevators). I'm much more patient now than I was 10 years ago!

Is there a place or an architectural detail that you particularly like in the Konzerthaus Berlin?

There are so many great details in the Great Hall! On my last visit, for example, I noticed this fish sculpture!

This is our dolphin Melos - he adorns the balustrade of the boxes in the first tier with many of his relatives!



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