Anniversary 🎉 ! Our favorite slow elevator starts moving for the 10th time. On board on the way up are Elena Cotrone and Sofía Ogas, violinist and cellist at our Kurt Sanderling Academy. Of course, we did not forget asking them which way they see themselves on in the future.

When our slow elevator arrives - will you get in?

Sofía: I walk, because my cello stays upstairs in the tuning room - I have time off at home! When I'm at the concert hall, I'm working - it's like my office. I can almost always reserve a room. Or I go all the way upstairs in the corridor behind the Werner-Otto-Saal when nobody is there. It's very reverberant, but it's fun to play in there.

Elena: I don't take the elevator, I prefer the stairs. My violin isn't that heavy (laughs).

In what way do you profit from the academy, what do you learn?

Elena: Before applying for the academy, I listened to the Konzerthausorchester a lot, and I loved it every time - I was so impressed by the sound! That's why I'm really happy to be in the Academy. My desk neighbors in the first violin always rotate. That's good, because I can learn something different from everyone. They are all very generous and give me lots of tips. I'm really grateful for that.

Sofía: Right from the first project, I noticed how well the cello group works together. Everyone breathes together, sets the bow down and lifts it at exactly the same time. I had never experienced that before and I thought it was fantastic. Part of the work is always asking yourself what role your own voice has at the moment and who you are playing with. And being prepared, arriving early, having your pencil with you (laughs) - yes, that's all really important too.

A life alternative for you used to be a bookshop-café, Elena. Is that still true?

Elena: That's what I wrote in your questionnaire at the beginning! But my experience at the orchestra academy has been so good in the meantime that I want to concentrate on music in any case! I would love to become a member of an orchestra. So I'm going to do auditions.

And you, Sofía?

Sofía: It's the same for me. Even when I'm not feeling well personally, I'm happy to have this job and make music with colleagues. It's not a chore, it's a pleasure and I always feel good afterwards.


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