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Kurt-Sanderling-Academy Foundation of the Konzerthaus Orchestra Berlin

Playing music together means learning from one another. This motto is especially true in the Orchestra Academy, where talented young musicians from all over the world come together to play music with orchestral musicians in an ensemble. The idea behind the Konzerthaus Berlin Orchestra Academy goes even further. The young musicians receive a scholarship for up to two years. During this time, an orchestral colleague assists the young musician as a mentor, providing lessons and an introduction to the musical tradition of the Konzerthausorchester.

Academy students are able to implement everthing they learn in their daily orchestral life. They are not only involved in rehearsals and performances, but also participate in concert tours and film shoots, help organise junior and sponsorship projects, and join in when the Konzerthausorchester captivates audiences outside the concert hall at special events such as “Conduct me!”.

Vacant positions are published as they occur. There are currently fourteen Academy musicians in the orchestra, who are coordinated by the orchestral office and Felix Korinth, violinist in the Konzerthausorchester, on an honorary basis. 

With their namesake the academy honors the Konzerthaus Orchestra’s great Chief Conductor from 1960 to 1977: Kurt Sanderling led the orchestra, back then called the Berlin Symphony Orchestra, to international prominence and its high reputation. In light of the drastically reduced number of musicians due to the construction of the Berlin Wall, he turned to the four GDR-conservatories to rebuild the orchestra with the help of these young musicians. This recognition of young talent is nowadays mirrored in our academy.

Sie möchten die Kurt-Sanderling-Akademie unterstützen?

Unterstützen Sie die Nachwuchstalente der Kurt-Sanderling-Akademie des Konzerthausorchesters indem Sie eine Stuhlpatenschaft übernehmen, Mitglied des Fördervereins werden oder eine einmalige Spende zugunsten der Orchesterakademie leisten. Für die organisatorische und administrative Abwicklung steht uns der Förderverein Zukunft Konzerthaus e.V. zur Seite. Gerne beraten Wir Sie persönlich!

Weitere Informationen und Kontaktdaten finden Sie unter Zukunft Konzerthaus e.V.

Members of the Kurt-Sanderling-Akademie 2018/19

  • 1. Violin

    • Marijn Seiffert

  • 2. Violin

    • Danielle González Sánchez
      Annalena Kohde

  • Viola

    • Madlen Breckbill
      Xiaoti Guo
      Hsiang-Hsiang Tsai

  • Violoncello

    • Sati-Noah Jimenez
      Samuel Isaac Olivera Candia
      Elisabeth Wand

  • Double Bass

    • Vojislav Veselinov
      Hana Jeong

  • Flute

    • Dominika Hučka

  • Trombone

    • Martin Chorell

  • Percussion

    • Richard Putz

  • Academy Coordinator

    • Felix Korinth

  • Mentors

    • Prof. Michael Erxleben, Sayako Kusaka (1. Violin)
      Gerður Gunnarsdóttir, Christoph Kulicke (2. Violin)
      Ferenc Gábor, Matthias Benker, Felix Korinth, Chaim Steller, Pei-Yi Wu (Viola)
      Stefan Giglberger, Friedemann Ludwig, Alexander Kahl, Andreas Timm (Violoncello)
      Igor Prokopets (Double Bass)
      Daniel Werner (Flute)
      Helge von Niswandt (Trombone)
      Mark Voermans (Percussion)

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If you are interested in a scholarship to the Academy, you can apply via the muv.ac platform. The vacancies are announced there three months in advance.


For general questions and information please contact Maria Dimitriadou: 


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23.06.2019 · Orania. Berlin

17.00 Uhr · Oranienstraße 40, 10999 Berlin

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Foundation Board

Prof. Dr. Sebastian Nordmann
Ulf Werner
Uwe Emmrich

Board of Trustees

Janina Paul
Gabriele Bühler
Felix Korinth