„Spielzeit“ – live streams on gaming platform twitch

Live music, Backstage Life and Nerd Talk

Concerts, challenges, nerd talk - members of the Konzerthausorchester Berlin share insights into their everyday lives in the format series "Spielzeit" on the livestreaming platform twitch.tv.

Young people are not interested in classical music? That’s not true, obviously.

As the first symphony orchestra, the Konzerthausorchester Berlin started an interactive livestream series on the gaming platform twitch in April 2021.The monthly two-hour livestreams are called "Spielzeit" and had 1.34 million views so far. For an average of 3.000 viewers, members of the Konzerthausorchester Berlin play music, explain their instruments and offer glimpses into their professional daily life.

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Deutscher Preis für Online­kommunikation DPOK

The Konzerthausorchester on twitch was honored with the awards for "Digital Event" and "Social Media Communication" at DPOK 2022.

German Brand Award 2022

"Spielzeit" - the Konzerthausorchester Berlin on twitch was currently awarded twice with the prestigious German Brand Award 2022!

Zum twitch-Kanal

Live streaming video platform Twitch

The free live streaming video platform twitch became known with streams of e-sports, but now offers very different types of livestreams. The global lockdown boosted user numbers. With an average of 30 million viewers daily, twitch has become a YouTube competitor. 

In addition to its live character, the original gaming platform is characterized by a high level of interaction with the target group of 18- to 34-year-olds, who cannot be reached through conventional channels. The difference to other video platforms, on which primarily pre-produced videos are shared, is primarily the lasting emotional interaction. Viewers comment on the action via chat windows, give feedback, ask questions and exchange ideas. The live interaction creates a collective experience.

Konzerthaus­orchester on twitch

On twitch, interactive and entertaining music content from the Konzerthaus Berlin is broadcast in livestreams of two hours per month: from the challenge "Who can play faster - oboist or clarinetist?" to the action call  to come to the live stream at the Konzerthaus.

Live interaction between the streamer and viewers, as well as gamification elements such as direct chat options, competitions or battles during the live stream, build up a constant dialog with the community. The immediate response options provide an opportunity to respond to the community's expectations and wishes.

The content and visual concept of the twitch channel and the dramaturgy of the live stream were developed in workshops with gaming experts and orchestra musicians.

The aim of the project is to evaluate whether high culture can be presented in a gaming context and on a new platform. Since April 2021, the streams have been created and realized monthly in-house by an interdisciplinary team.

Aktuelle Termine

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Was die Community sagt:

"Have nothing to do with classical music and yet got stuck here! Thanks to you <3<3<3"

"A really very interesting conversation. High praise! Especially to the presenter!"

"Now I want to play an instrument too!"

"Chapeau! Something new on Twitch. Nice that you show something like that on platforms like Twitch!"

Virtual Konzerthaus

Take a seat in the middle of the orchestra with our VR glasses or listen to the world's first Virtual Quartet!

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  • Spielzeit #27


    Freitag, 1. Dezember 2024, 17 Uhr

    Together with solo hornist Dmitry Babanov and solo cellist Stefan Giglberger, we illuminate the mysterious, tonal, motivic and friendly connections between horn and cello that arise in orchestral music and with us live on twitch in duo play & talk. Is it all about that Bass & Melody? Or is there more to know? We'll find out with live music by Mozart, Bruckner & Co., host Leonie Hentschel and your questions.

  • Spielzeit #26


    Freitag, 17. November 2023, 17 Uhr

    When the Konzerthaus becomes an arena! Season #26 is all about playing – with dance motifs, puzzles and a quiz... Which Hungarian dance is used particularly frequently in symphonic music? Do clarinettist Alexandra Kehrle and violinist Jana Krämer-Forster really know their way around the Konzerthaus? With insights into their everyday life at the Konzerthaus, the festival week Mostly Mallwitz and a dose of buzzer fun! 

  • Spielzeit #25


    Sunday, 15.10.2023, 15.30 h

    The 80-member Konzerthausorchester Berlin reveals the secrets of sound production in season #25 and shows you the diversity of orchestral sound with Vivaldi, Wagner, Mozart and more! On the podium: Conductor Roland Kluttig!

  • Spielzeit #24

    Spielzeit #24 – Klarinette meets Elektronik

    Thursday, 14.09.2023, 5 pm

    How can the sound of the clarinet be electronically processed? Our solo clarinetist Ralf Forster and composer and sound artist Kaan Bulak experiment and improvise live on twitch. With our host Lucilla Schmidinger they talk about the exciting combination of acoustic and electronic sounds and answer your chat questions!

  • Spielzeit #23

    Spielzeit #23 – Sommerpause incoming

    on Wednesday, 5 July at 5 p.m.

    Host Laura Zenziper and percussionist Jan Westermann look ahead to the new season, music and summer vibes included. What else do you want to see on twitch?

  • Spielzeit #22


    Samstag, 10. Juni um 17.00 Uhr

    KLASSIK AFTERHOUR - Whether hungover after hours of partying or just for a relaxed weekend feeling: drummer Jan Westermann and harpist Ronith Mues play beautiful music to help you unwind. In between, they talk to host Lucilla Schmidinger about adrenaline rushes in a musician's life, reveal a few relaxation techniques and answer your questions!

  • Spielzeit #21


    am Donnerstag, 25. Mai um 17.00 Uhr

    EpochenSause - In conversation, dramaturge Dr. Dietmar Hiller and moderator Leonie Hentschel whiz through 4 great epochs, 400 years of music history, and the question of what pigeonholing has to do with music in the first place. Everything you always wanted to know about Bach & Co in the Baroque era, the 3 "Musketeers" of Viennese Classicism, the romantic and musical expanses of the 19th century, as well as all kinds of scandals and trends in the 20th century - we will celebrate and discuss all this with you.

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  • Spielzeit #20

    Spielzeit#20 – Jazz it is!
    13. April um 17.00 Uhr

    Jazz it is - in season#20 with our trumpeter Stephan Stadtfeld, trombonist Vladimir Veres and jazz pianist Gwilym Simcock live on the twitch channel of the Konzerthausorchester. What do jazz and classical music have in common? Can you learn to improvise? Chat questions, live music and conversations about passion and everyday life as a musician.

  • Spielzeit #19

  • Spielzeit #18

    22. Februar, um 17 Uhr

    Motivschlacht am live auf twitch! Freut Euch auf Felix Korinth und die Akademisten des Konzerthausorchester Berlin, die ihre Lieblingsmotive aus Film, Games und Klassik live spielen.

  • Spielzeit #17

    15. Dezember, 18.00 Uhr

    Neben Kontrabassist Igor Prokopets sind die ukrainischen Musikerinnen Kateryna Titova und Eva Rabchevska zu Gast live auf twitch. Sie sprechen über ihre Laufbahnen, Musikkulturen, spielen Musik und beantworten Eure Fragen.

  • Spielzeit #16

    am Mittwoch, 26. Oktober, um 17 Uhr

    Deep Dive in die Gemäuer und Geschichte des Konzerthauses: Mit Dramaturg Dietmar Hiller sprechen wir beim Just-Chat über Mäuse in der Orgel, bewegende Zeiten und Wasser im Keller des Konzerthauses.

  • Spielzeit #15

    Spielzeit #15
    am Dienstag, 20. September, um 17.00 Uhr

    Wir starten live auf twitch.tv in die neue Spielzeit mit Einblicken in die Welt der Klassik: #Spielzeit15 mit gleich vier Musikern des Orchesters, Live-Musik, der Saison 22/23 und Brahms.

  • Spielzeit #14

    June 23, 5 p.m.
    Young, brave & fast
    with musicians of the Orchestra Academy

    How does one become an orchestra musician? Do you have to go to an orchestra academy? In twitch-"Spielzeit#14", young musicians from the Kurt Sanderling Academy of the Konzerthausorchester Berlin talk about the nerve of auditioning, find out who can play a part the fastest, and play music live that they particularly like.

  • Spielzeit #13

    June 17, 18.00
    Cosmos Orchestra
    with the Konzerthausorchester Berlin and conductor Jonathan Stockhammer

    How does an orchestra work? Who is responsible for what? How do professionals deal with stage fright just before the big solo? These and many other questions from the community are addressed in spielzeit #13 under the title "Kosmos Orchester": music, talk and insights into everyday rehearsals with the entire Konzerthausorchester Berlin and conductor Jonathan Stockhammer. 

  • Spielzeit #12

    on May 17, 5.00 pm
    Music & Tech
    with drummer Jan Westermann

    Augmented and virtual reality, the cross-media "orchestra box" and several other projects: For a long time now, the Konzerthaus Berlin has also been exploring digital ways to communicate and present classical music.In Spielzeit#12 we present them in a Just chat episode with a guest and discuss what digital technology means for the analogue symphony orchestras. 

  • Spielzeit #11

    am 29. April, 17.00 Uhr
    Alle gut gestimmt
    mit Oboistin Michaela Kuntz, Englischhornistin Iria Folgado und Pauker Mark Voermans 

    Unsere Musiker*innen sind mit Live-Musik und Rohrbau-Workshop live auf Twitch. Wie ein Ton entsteht und was der Unterschied zwischen Oboe und Englischhorn ist erfahrt ihr im Stream.

    view stream
  • Spielzeit #09

    February 24, 2022, 5 p.m.
    Classical Hits
    with violist Felix Korinth

    Violist Felix Korinth is a guest on a Just Chat episode to listen to music together with viewers and find out what makes a classical music hit. Which of the audience's favorites are also loved in the orchestra, and which are not? And what are Felix's orchestral hits on the viola?

    Stream here
  • Spielzeit #08

    11 December 2021, 11.00 a.m.
    Piccolo & Double Bass
    with double bass player Igor Prokopets and solo piccolo player Daniel Werner

    Piccolo & Double Bass: On December 11, starting at 11:00 a.m., double bassist Igor Prokopets and flutist Daniel Werner will meet with the largest and smallest orchestral instruments in Spielzeit#08.

    Stream here
  • Spielzeit #07

    10 November 2021, 5.00 p.m.
    Nerd Alarm with Glissando
    with Dirk Ludewig and Daniel Staubesandt from nerdstar.tv as well as drummer Jan Westermann and harpist Ronith Mues.

    What do gaming and music have in common and which clichés are really true? With Dirk Ludewig and Daniel Staubesandt from nerdstar.tv, guests from the gaming industry are guests for the first time at the Konzerthausorchester livestream on twitch.tv. Solo drummer Jan Westermann and solo harpist Ronith Mues introduce their instruments to the community and guests, talk about clichés, learning the instrument, challenge each other's discipline and play music and games.

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  • Spielzeit #06

    17. September 2021, 5 pm
    Who is this princess? 
    with horn player Timo Steininger and trumpeter Stephan Stadtfeld as well as organ expert Dietmar Hiller

    Is trumpet or horn louder, how does an organ work, and who is this princess? Horn player Timo Steininger and trumpeter Stephan Stadtfeld answer and make music live on Twitch. Guest: dramaturge and organ expert Dietmar Hiller.

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  • Spielzeit #05

    01. September 2021, 5 pm
    "We are family - the strings#1"
    with violinist Gerdur Gunnarsdóttir and violist Felix Korinth

    We are back from the summer break! In "We are family - the strings#1" violinist Gerdur Gunnarsdóttir and violist Felix Korinth present the string family, play for you and answer questions about mute, frog and co.

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  • Spielzeit #04

    May 15, 2021, 4.00 pm
    A horn from the executive floor
    with Timo Steininger, horn

    Live from the executive office and on Twitch! On June 15, 4 p.m. hornist Timo Steininger gives insights from the office of the Intendant about the production "Der Freischütz" by La Fura dels Baus in the Great Hall, presents his horn, and a few surprises await you as well.

    Stream here
  • Spielzeit #03

    May 28, 2021, 5.00 pm
    200 years & 3 clarinets
    with Alexandra Kehrle, Ralf Forster and Norbert Möller, clarinet 

    200 years & 3 clarinets - in season#03 on May 28, 5 pm we celebrate our 200th anniversary. Clarinetists Alexandra Kehrle, Ralf Forster and Norbert Möller will present their instruments, insights into our history and have some surprises planned. In livestream on twitch.tv!

    Stream here
  • Spielzeit #02

    06. Mai 2021, 17.00 Uhr
    Percussion extreme
    mit Jan Westermann, Schlagzeuger

    On May 6 at 5pm, drummer Jan Westermann introduces us to the TamTam and Tusch of percussion. In Spielzeit#02 on twitch.tv Jan chats about his favorite beat, his job, why classical music is by no means dusty and plays live on some of his instruments. There's also a "little" surprise!

    Stream here
  • Spielzeit #01

    21. April 2021, 17.00 Uhr
    Currywurst & Harfe
    mit Ronith Mues und Mark Voermans

    What is it about the "Paukenschlag", what is the connection between classical music and currywurst, what is so difficult about tuning a harp? Our musicians introduce their Konzerthausorchester and their instruments, report on projects, challenge each other and play live from the Konzerthaus Berlin.

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The project was developed from February to December 2021 as part of "dive in. Program for Digital Interactions" of the Federal Cultural Foundation, funded by the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media (BKM) in the NEUSTART KULTUR program.



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