Upwards #8

By Annette Zerpner March 19, 2024


The tuba is instrument of the year 2024! We made our way up with principal tuba player Michael Vogt - and learnt something surprising about the slowest elevator of all.

Als a tuba player you are unique in the orchestra. Do you feel alone?

As a tuba player, I belong to many others: I'm at home with the trombones, I play with the bassoons, with the basses, with everything low. And with the horns. Incidentally, it is said that the best orchestras in the world tune to the concert pitch of the tuba (laughs at our irritation).


Over the years, you learn how important or unimportant the instrument is. There are very famous passages that make you wonder about the sanity of the composer: Why on earth does he want me to play these 49 notes at all? But then you realise: these notes are really needed!

A tuba weighs quite a bit - do you walk or ride up?

I try to walk as often as possible. But if I have two tubes with me, I take the elevator. Even if it's slow. I put everything in the corner and just wait.

Years ago, I also liked playing in here, because I don't know any other place in the world where the sound is as awful as in our elevator.  But you can hear things in this tin box that you can't hear anywhere else!

All tuba players celebrate 2024 - the tuba is instrument of the year! What are you doing?

It's about time! I've come up with a programme. It's called 'Tuba, songs, brass band music & symphonies'. It allows me to fulfil four of my passions at once. I composed a lot of the music for this evening myself. I'm particularly looking forward to the chansonnier Hans-Eckhardt Wenzel. We've known each other for 40 years and almost all the lyrics come from him.

And the symphonies?

My symphonies sometimes last two, sometimes twelve minutes! I'm trying to revive the early Baroque sinfonia, which was always a short piece. Incidentally, we also play the models.

If the acoustics were better, you could even perform Micha's shortest symphonia taking the elevator going up!


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