Upwards #7

By Annette Zerpner March 6, 2024


For once not on the podium in the Great Hall, but with us in our extremely slow elevator south -  chief conductor Joana Mallwitz.

The lift could take you from the stage entrance directly to your office on the 3rd floor. Do you use it ?

To be honest, I never use it. Somehow its pace and mine are not quite compatible.

Which place in the building epitomises your concert hall feeling?

That is definitely my place on stage, together with the Konzerthausorchester. But I also really enjoy being in my office: I can study scores there in complete concentration and silence, but at the same time I'm right in the middle of things and can always see what's happening on stage, what's being rehearsed, or whether a performance is on and the audience is getting in and out of the elevator.

What goes through your mind when you move from one place to the other just before the concert?

It's always a very clear process: The scores are collected, I check whether I have everything with me. Then I see that the orchestra is performing and I go down to the stage. I only ever have one thing in my head, namely the first bar of the first piece. I'm already breathing at tempo, concentrating incredibly on the very first moment and trying not to let go of it as I walk onto the stage, greet the orchestra and feel the incredible energy of the packed hall. Then I turn to the orchestra, breathe in - and it starts.

Perfect timing - the elevator door opens again in front of Joana Mallwitz's office!


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