Don't miss – Concert tips for November

By Konzerthaus Berlin Nov. 1, 2023


Stephan Petzold © Tobias Kruse / OSTKREUZ

What we are particularly looking forward to in the coming weeks


In chamber music, the double bass is not heard so regularly. But to kick off the "Mostly Mallwitz" week, the famous "Trout Quintet" will be heard in a discussion concert on November 22.

Our principal double bass player Stephan Petzold raves: "Radiant A major, cheerful melodies that invite you to sing along, surprising harmonic turns in the transitions from major to minor, a large and wonderfully filled sound space between double bass and violin, characterized by a dialoguing cooperation of the instrumentalists, as well as the interplay and richness of colors, this expression of great inner harmony, all this makes this piece a stroke of genius in Schubert's œuvre. Perhaps this performance will begin a series in which other compositions by Johann Nepomuk Hummel, George Onslow or Stefan Schäfer written for this instrumentation will be heard."

"I am really, really excited about the new format Night Session with Joana Mallwitz and our orchestra."

Tara Hansen-Laubscher is responsible for Artistic Production Planning in the Programming Department. She recommends a premiere with the principal conductor as part of our "Mostly Mallwitz" week:

"I'm really, really excited about the new Night Session format we have on the program for the first time on November 24. There will be very different music to listen to, various ensembles and the Konzerthausorchester will play distributed throughout the hall, and Joana Mallwitz will not only conduct, but also moderate the evening. Guest will be techno pioneer and composer Robert Henke. Under the title "Im.Puls," this episode is about the intersection of two musical worlds. By the way, the second episode in March is called "Improvisation" and will have a guest who knows this topic from a completely different context - a star chef!"

"Guests can take a seat on the stage or are invited to dance. The mood is then immediately a whole different."

In the event management team, Manuela Schmelz is responsible for production management of special projects and festivals, which includes our "Mostly Mallwitz" week at the end of the month.

"I'm a total fan of festivals at the Konzerthaus. On the one hand, because we show our many facets musically and design-wise at these, and on the other hand, because I get to implement these exciting formats. During the 'Mostly Mallwitz' week, we will again transform the Great Hall in particular into different settings within a few days - guests can take a seat on the stage or are invited to dance. The atmosphere is then immediately completely different. My highlight is the Wandelkonzert on November 25, where the audience drifts through the evening and the halls in two groups, listens to different ensembles playing dance music, and reunites in the Great Hall at the end. Brand new is the after show party afterwards in the foyer. This concert is my absolute recommendation both for concertgoers who are well acquainted with the house, because they will get to know it in a different way, and for guests who have never been with us before! I myself am very much looking forward to it."

"... a very own form of musical expression, which I find totally inspiring and enriching."

Dramaturg Micha Häußermann is especially looking forward to the concert in our Klazzik series on November 27. Abel Selaocoe and his Bantu Ensemble will be our guests then:

"With his musical versatility, Abel Selaocoe is for me one of the most exciting musicians at the moment. I am fascinated by the way he combines cello and voice in a virtuoso manner, bringing together the most diverse musical influences as a matter of course. It shows how many different musical styles have had an influence on him, from his childhood in South Africa to his cello studies in England to the present day. But above all, he develops from this his very own form of musical expression, which I find totally inspiring and enriching. Experiencing his concert live with us in the Great Hall with so many people together will be a very special moment for me."


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