4 questions to Caroline Shaw

By Konzerthaus Berlin March 1, 2024


Caroline-Shaw & So-Percussion © Shervin Lainez

Violinist, singer & composer Caroline Shaw is a guest at Klazzik with Sō Percussion - for American roots songs, medieval laments, James Joyce lyrics & ABBA hits.

What was the inspiration behind the title "Let the soil play its simple part"?

I wanted to make music with Sō Percussion as equal creative forces in a room, with each of us bringing ourselves to the composition and collaboration.  I love the rich metaphors and lessons that soil and gardening offer — the idea that every person is filled with their own history and experience, their own cultivated soil. If we let each other become their most real, true selves in a process, a beautiful and unique garden can emerge.

What about the interaction between you on stage?

We support each other throughout in different ways. Sometimes the voice carries words, and sometimes it is an instrument within the sonorities of the percussion. We are all longtime friends that have a lot of love and respect for each other.

How did the collaboration initially come about?

We began working together a decade ago, through several other projects, and we've continued to find each other along the way.

What are your most nourishing artistic roots both as a lyricist and as a composer?”

Real life. A yearning to understand what music is, how it feeds us, and how we may in turn feed it and each other. Music is something I want to take care of, because it takes care of me. That is what drives me.


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