For little guests and the whole family

Whether musical theatre or an instrumental presentation – here in the Junior Programme, nearly everything is hands-on and participatory. Because that’s a lot more fun than merely sitting still on a chair. Along the way, guests big and small also learn something about operatic history.

Please be aware that all musical theatre productions are in German.

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Junior Programm 2018/19

from 3 years old: KlangKüken


Now all children age of 3 and above, who until now could only accompany their older siblings to the concert hall, can enjoy something of their own – KlangKüken, the new series featuring the box – the perfect treat for kids. From this mysterious object, musicians and artists develop stories inspired by the times of the year four times a season, full of sounds, shadow play, movement, dance and interaction.

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from 4 years old: puppet theater with music

Kinderoper nach dem Buch von Julia Donaldson und Axel Scheffler mit Musik von Iván Fischer


The story of a wise mouse inventing a beast to protect himself from his enemies before suddenly encountering the real Gruffalo has been one of the most popular children’s books for nearly two decades now. Just like in the book, the mouse meets the fox, the owl, the snake and finally the Gruffalo on the opera stage. Iván Fischer has assigned a specific instrument to each figure. Two narrators open the performance with a prologue and then guide the audience through the story.

The Gruffalo © Julia Donaldson and Axel Scheffler 1999 – Macmillan Children’s Books UK, published in Germany by Beltz (German translation: Monika Osberghaus)

The Konzerthaus Berlin would like to thank Ms Inga Maren Otto for her generous support.

from 4 years old: puppet theater with music

Die Geschichte von Babar, dem kleinen Elefanten

Theater pieces, in which not only puppets, shadows and objects are important, but also and especially music!

ab 5 Jahre: Islandfest

Kindur jarma í kofunum

Ein musikalisches Abenteuer aus Island


Eine klingende Meeresexpedition

from 6 years old: TonSpur


This series follows on the trail of all special events held in the Konzerthaus. Inspired by them, programmes have been developed for children over 6.

Our tip: the programmes are cheaper when purchased as a package! You receive four concerts for the price of three.

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    • Tonspur

from 6 years old: music theater

ab 6 Jahre: Orgel für pfiffige Kinder

Eine Orgelstunde zum Zuhören und Mitmachen

Orgel für "pfiffige" Kinder

The kids learn about the organ with our small scale instrument - and experience the real queen afterwards in our Great Hall.

For the whole family: Mozart-Matinee

Family offers for the Mozart Matinee in the Great Hall for children from 8 years old

2 adults + 1 child for only 57 euros* 
2 adults + 2 children for only 62 euros*
2 adults + 3 children for only 65 euros*

Children between 3 and 7 years old can enjoy childcare with special programs for 3 euros/child.

*normal price 27 euros/adult and 10 euros/child from 8 years old.

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