Festival „Aus den Fugen“ ("Out of joint")

Soundtrack of a world in transition - Festival from 14 to 27 November

For two weeks, the "Aus den Fugen" festival at the Konzerthaus brings together visionary works that hinge between eras, artists* responding to a world out of kilter, and formats that upset the normal concert hall routine.


The program ranges from Johann Sebastian Bach's search for the greatest musical order, from which the "Art of Fugue" emerged at the end of his life, to Fazıl Say's political-musical protest "Gezi Park 2." From György Ligeti's "Volumina", which even pushes the organ as the largest instrument to its limits, to the dance frenzy with the group "Meute".

From the audience workshop on the question of what a society can learn from an orchestra, to the dark concert of Georg Friedrich Haas' "limited approximations", whose instrumentation with the Konzerthausorchester Berlin and six microtonally detuned grand pianos (almost) bursts the concert hall. And to numerous special smaller concerts that approach inner breaking points such as love, hate, gender and identity through music of different times.


Guests include Fazıl Say (piano), Cuarteto Casals, Jonathan Stockhammer (conductor), singer-songwriter Fatoumata Diawara & Band, ensemble reflektor, Ensemble des Podium Festivals Esslingen, Cédric Pescia (piano), Jean Rondeau (piano) and Tancrède Kummer (percussion), Diana Tishchenko (violin), Benjamin Appl (baritone), Žilvinas Brazauskas (clarinet) and Martynas Levickis (accordion).

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At eight selected concerts, in addition to the music, the schedule and the allocation of seats, admission is also "out of joint". Here at konzerthaus.de you can book up to two tickets at an experience price. That means: pay nothing at all, just go to the concert and then decide for yourself what your concert experience is worth.

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Throw-in for ...

Participation project

Ukraine war, Corona crisis, climate change, migration, digitalization, racism, gender and identity debates - our world seems to be coming apart at the seams. A festival that takes up such massive and red-hot topics and processes them artistically cannot and will not close the doors of the concert hall to the world. Therefore, a supporting program is woven around the elaborate performances of the festival artists, which relates to them in several ways and appears again and again in different places: "Interjection for ...".

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    In cooperation with the Al-Farabi Music Academy and in chance encounters on the streets of Berlin, the Konzerthaus Berlin has sought contact with people who are directly affected by the aforementioned socio-political developments and whose voices are otherwise seldom heard: for example, schoolchildren, supermarket cashiers, nurses, refugees, social workers.

    They told their stories in artistic workshops. The resulting audio formats, photos and short films can be experienced permanently during the festival as an exhibition in the foyers or as a spatial sound installation in the carriage passage of the concert hall. In addition, they have a direct effect on the main program in the form of sometimes poetic, sometimes stirring interludes at the beginning of selected concerts.

    Their "interjections" contribute to making the festival motto comprehensible far beyond the purely musical events and to linking the concert world very concretely with the outside world.

    "Einwurf für ..." is sponsored by the Commerzbank Foundation


Wir freuen uns darauf, uns mit Ihnen und vielen Beteiligten vor und nach Veranstaltungen an der Festival-Bar im Beethoven-Saal auszutauschen. Geöffnet bis 23.00 Uhr.

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