Festival „Aus den Fugen“ ("Out of whack")

From November 14 to 27, we invite you on a series of musical "space walks" that offer new perspectives.

The two-week “Aus den Fugen” festival shows the great creative potential of temporary instability from a concert hall perspective: visionary works that form transition points between epochs.

Commentaries by artists who react in our time to what seems out of kilter in the world. Formats that upset the normal course of events in the concert hall. From 14 to 27 November, the Konzerthaus Berlin invites its audiences on a series of musical “space walks” that periodically offer new perspectives on the great hullabaloo.

“Aus den Fugen” festival

The programme ranges from Johann Sebastian Bach’s search for the greatest musical order, from which “The Art of Fugue” emerged at the end of his life, to Fazil Say’s political-musical protest “Gezi Park 2”. From György Ligeti’s “Volumina”, which pushes the organ, as the largest instrument, to its limits, to a dance frenzy with the group “Meute”. From an audience workshop on the question of what society can learn from an orchestra, to the dark concert “limited approximations”, whose instrumentation (nearly) bursts the concert hall. And to numerous special smaller concerts that approach inner faultlines such as love, hate, gender and identity through the music of various eras.

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For this event, you will not receive tickets through our webshop. You will therefore be redirected to an external page of the organizer. If you have any not completed bookings on konzerthaus.de, they will be dissolved after 20 minutes.