“ˈʊmˌvɛltn̩” – our interactive composition

A waking dream, a mysterious garden, a walk-through score – “ˈʊmˌvɛltn̩” is all of these things. Together with the Konzerthausorchester Berlin, composer Mark Barden and visual artist Julian Bonequi have created a unique VR application in which eye and ear are on equal footing.

Due to the lockdown, we were only able to present “ˈʊmˌvɛltn̩” to a few people at the Konzerthaus. With “VR on Tour” we then gave our audience the chance to try out “ˈʊmˌvɛltn̩” at home. Those

The Konzerthaus Berlin has pursued the development of innovative mediation concepts for classical music in the digital space since 2016 with projects such as our digital exhibition and Konzerthaus app. During the 2020/21 anniversary season celebrating the 200th anniversary of Schinkel’s building on Gendarmenmarkt, the field of cooperation has been expanded to include composer Mark Barden and visual artist Julian Bonequi. In collaboration with the HTW Berlin – University of Applied Sciences, the interactive environment ˈʊmˌvɛltn̩ – Environments was created. In a fantastic cosmos of virtual plant creatures, flora and sounds, visitors will experience contemporary music in a visionary, individually experiential application at the interfaces of new music, visual art and virtual reality.

A dialogic artistic process is intended to transcend the boundaries of the disciplines – with an open outcome. Over 200 3D objects and some 500 audio tracks have been integrated into the virtual world, in which visitors can move about with the help of virtual reality glasses. As they interact with the plants and creatures, new sounds and tones are created, so that every action has a reaction and each visit is different from the next.

The sounds were recorded by the Konzerthausorchester Berlin under the direction of composer Mark Barden.

  • Short biography Mark Barden

    Mark Barden, born in Cleveland, Ohio in the USA, lives in Berlin and composes concert music as well as sound installations with and without live musicians. He studied composition in Berlin and Freiburg with Rebecca Saunders, Mathias Spahlinger and Jörg Widmann and earned his doctorate at Goldsmiths College in London. Since the current winter semester, he has held a professorship in composition at the Detmold University of Music.

  • Short biography Julian Bonequi

    Julian Bonequi, born in Mexico, is a hybrid artist and transmedia producer working with sound immersion and mixed reality. He is the founder of Audition Records (Berlin-Mexico 2010) and has worked as a guest curator with Salon Bruit Berlin, Akouphène Festival of Geneva, Ex Teresa Arte Actual Museum and CCDRadio at the Centre for Digital Culture in Mexico. He teaches in Mexico City, Barcelona and Valencia, among other places, and gives workshops in 3D sound spatialization and mixed reality.


Experience the interactive VR composition live


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Fotos: Markus Werner

„ˈʊmˌvɛltn̩“ (Umwelten) ist in enger Zusammenarbeit mit dem EFRE-geförderten Projekt APOLLO der Hochschule für Technik und Wirtschaft Berlin entstanden und wurde gefördert durch „experimente#digital“ – eine Kulturinitiative der Aventis Foundation.

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