The Sounds of Berlin hybrid

28 November 2021

Sounds – places – stories from three HUBs via live stream

The sound sequence of the underground closing its doors. Nightingales in Tiergarten Park. A multilingual babble of voices at the weekly market. The cacophony of a building site. Children screaming in the stairwell. Loud music from a car in the next lane at a traffic light. Berlin has a diverse array of sounds, in the morning, in the afternoon, at night – loud or quiet, familiar or surprising, even the rare silence is a timbre of the metropolitan symphony. We all have our own sound compass for moving through the city, our own sounds of Berlin.

Concert on 28 November

On 28 November from 4 p.m., participating ensembles and artists from different disciplines and cultures will improvise live at three interconnected, mutually visible locations (HUBs), one after the other and finally altogether, via a graphical video score. Artist Florian Japp will create it beforehand from your collected Berlin locations.

Everyone who loves Berlin and the sounds of the city can experience and participate in the concert via live stream. Three audiences will also assemble – in our Werner Otto Hall at the Konzerthaus Berlin, in the machine house of the KINDL – Centre for Contemporary Art and in the auditorium of the Efeuweg Comprehensive School.


The 9th grade of the Efeuweg Comprehensive School, together with Tobias Klipp, the ensembles Potsa Lotsa and LUX:NM, and Jan Brauer of BrandtBrauerFrick, also studied the sound of Berlin during a music production project week and made “fieldrecordings”.

These field recordings by the young people will flow into the improvisations of the ensembles and, together with your stories and sounds, also form the basis of an animated film by Tobias Klipp. Using stop-motion technology, it brings drawings and historical black-and-white photos of people, things and places in Berlin to life.

A streaming of this dreamlike, fantastic “Sound of Berlin” landscape will conclude the hybrid concert. Dive into the animated map of a fluid urban space where everything seems possible and boundaries between the animate and inanimate are blurred. The ensembles will provide the corresponding ambient sounds in the HUBs.

Artists and ensembles at a glance

HUB 1 Werner Otto Hall in the Konzerthaus Berlin

Ipek Ipekcioglu and musicians of the Konzerthausorchester Berlin

HUB 2 Efeuweg Comprehensive School Campus

Bo-Sung Kim and Potsa Lotsa XL

HUB 3 Machine house at KINDL – Centre for Contemporary Art

Taner Akyol and Ensemble LUX:NM

The Sounds of Berlin Festival

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Funded as part of the Digital Development in the Cultural Sector funding programme by the Senate Department for Culture and Europe.


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Illustrationen: Florian Japp 


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