Marc Sinan Company & Ensemble Resonanz

Mit Werken von Steve Reich und Marc Sinan
Marc Sinan Company Ensemble Resonanz

In their WWII-related cooperation project DIFFERENT BOMBS, Marc Sinan Company and Ensemble Resonanz explore the idea that differentiated remembrance is possible when the traumas of different victim groups are recognized and narrated without ever losing sight of the complex relationship between perpetrators and victims. The basis of the artistic examination is the air war against the civilian population at the time.

Steve Reich's (*1936) piece DIFFERENT TRAINS is the model for the processing and negotiation of historical events and, above all, for the musical treatment of documentary language material. Based on the experience of his train journeys between Los Angeles and New York, Reich builds a bridge to the deportations of Jewish families to Nazi concentration and extermination camps in German-occupied Eastern Europe that took place at the same time. As a Jewish boy, he seems to have escaped this fate only by chance thanks to the geographical circumstances.

The composition DIFFERENT BOMBS by Marc Sinan is also based on personal experiences and individual stories: The composer's 17-year-old aunt at the end of the war experienced the life-threatening Allied air raids on Berlin with her family, but in her own way was also part of the National Socialist terror regime when she transported plans of the V-weapon through the city, which in turn was intended to serve the attrition of the Allied civilian population through air strikes. The story of the young Berliner is sung by Sinan's daughter Alma Su Baute, who is now the age of her great-aunt at the end of the Second World War.

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