Sponsorship and commitment

Sponsoring a school – whether for several years or just one – is an important way the Konzerthaus contributes both artistically and culturally to Berlin’s educational landscape. There are different ways to organise such a sponsorship.

Since the 2018/19 season, we have been sponsoring the Johann-August-Zeune School for the Blind in the area of intellectual development of blind, visually impaired or otherwise impaired children and young people. In a multi-day music workshop specially designed for schoolchildren, pupils will explore the world of music and also be prepped for visits to dress rehearsals and guided tours of the Konzerthaus Berlin.

In a second sponsorship, the Konzerthausorchester has been working closely with the orchestra of the “Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach Berlin” secondary music school for several years. One of the main concerns here is to bring budding young musicians into early contact with their professional colleagues, ensuring they are better prepared for a later career in the orchestra. Through workshops, performances and discussion groups, as well as participation in rehearsals with professional musicians, students receive insights into the everyday life of an orchestral musician, as well as suggestions for their own development at school and during subsequent studies.

„Konzerthaus meets degewo“

More than 8,000 children have been given new insights into the world of classical music as part of the “Konzerthaus meets degewo” project launched in 2011. In the summer of 2012, the Konzerthaus Berlin and degewo AG received a prize from the “Germany – Land of Ideas” initiative for this important work.

„Konzerthaus meets degewo“

Sponsorship with the HELIOS Klinikum Berlin-Buch

The Konzerthaus Berlin regularly visits young patients in the hospital’s small theatre and adapts Konzerthaus events for the children and youths who are prevented from coming to Gendarmenmarkt due to health issues. In his greetings before the performances, Prof. Dr. Lothar Schweigerer, Chief Physician of Paediatrics at the hospital, always emphasises how important it is for the patients’ healing process to take advantage of the fact that they can forget everyday hospital life, even if only for a short time, and how helpful such a distraction can be. We are very pleased to be able to make a “resounding” contribution.

Yehudi Menuhin – Live Music Now

Making music accessible – this is not only an important concern of the Konzerthaus Berlin; 19 nationwide YEHUDI MENUHIN Live Music Now (LMN) associations have also taken up this cause.

Like all other LMN associations, LMN Berlin also organises free concerts with the musicians it funds for people who live or are treated in hospitals, retirement homes, orphanages, prisons, asylums or other social institutions.

Since March 2013, the Konzerthaus Berlin and LMN have been united not only by their common motto, but also a particularly meaningful and impactful collaboration. A total of twelve events have taken place in schools in underprivileged areas up to 2015. Thanks to LMN Berlin and the support of the Konzerthaus Berlin, schoolchildren have been given the opportunity to inquisitively approach classical music without bias.

What’s more, the children are always welcome to come to the Gendarmenmarkt and visit the Konzerthaus.