Four questions to Lera Auerbach

May 28, 2024


Lera Auerbach © Pablo Castagnola

How is your relationship with Berlin?

My relationship with Berlin is evolving. I recently initiated a collaboration with Bildgießerei Hermann Noack for the casting of my bronze sculptures, and the RIAS Chamber Choir commissioned and performed an extensive 90-minute work, "GOETIA." My music publisher, Boosey & Hawkes, which has merged with Sikorski Musikverlag, is located in Berlin. Highlights in the city have also included my 4th Violin Concerto performances with Leonidas Kavakos and the DSO, a joint recital with Hilary Hahn at the Boulez Saal, and the world premiere of my a cappella opera "The Blind" at the Konzerthaus. Throughout this residency, I aim to deepen my roots in the city.

"During the Creative Portrait at the Konzerthaus, I want to put down even deeper roots in the city."

How did you decide on the pieces for your season at the Konzerthaus?

Choosing the repertoire for a long-term residency is a collaborative process, balancing artistic vision with practical considerations. This portrait is comprehensive, showcasing not just my compositions but also my work as a pianist and visual artist. The sole missing element is my emphasis on conducting, though I am optimistic about future prospects.

What is the best thing about being a portrait artist at the Konzerthaus?

It fosters a full-season relationship. The artistic journey is constantly evolving, filled with surprises, new connections, unexpected directions, and discoveries. A residency allows for a maximum of beautifully unexpected turns and developments.

Lera Auerbach am Flügel

What was your initial spark to explore other art forms besides music?

Music arises from silence, poetry from a white page, and painting from a blank canvas. I started playing the piano and composing music at four years old. When faced with the choice between becoming a composer or a concert pianist, I decided against limiting myself.

By 12, I had written my first opera, complete with my own libretto. Despite discouragement from pursuing multiple disciplines, I branched out into poetry, prose, and, eventually, visual art, including mixed media, photography, and sculpture. Despite the pressure to specialize, adopting a multifaceted artistic approach has significantly enriched my creativity and output.

Currently, my primary focuses are conducting orchestras, publishing books, and creating bronze sculptures. These endeavors often intersect, as exemplified by my 6th Symphony, which was both literally and conceptually inspired by one of my sculptures "Silent Psalm" composed of broken pieces mended with Kintsugi.

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