Family Day at the Konzerthaus Berlin

with the Konzerthausorchester Berlin and guests

Whether sister heart, the world's silliest brother or vice versa – if you have them, they leave their mark: our Children's Day on 5 March is dedicated to siblings. From a baby and hide-and-seek concert to a scavenger hunt with Fanny and Felix and a youth concert with film music.

The right concert for every age

Baby concerts

under 1

For the first time, we would like to perform classical music for infants and their adult companions – delicate, varied, upbeat and soothing. We are looking forward to the reactions of our youngest audience members!

Hide-and-seek concerts

3 and over

A musical game of hide and seek between siblings. Things aren’t always peaceful, because without discord there can be no harmony, without prestissimo there can be no silence and without fortissimo there can be no whispering. What notes will our siblings strike?

Scavenger hunt concerts

7 and over

Mysterious letters have been discovered while tidying up the concert hall cellar. Have they arrived from a parallel universe? In any case, they seem to be addressed to you and the Konzerthausorchester. Together we open them to find out what tasks, riddles and messages Fanny and Felix have sent us.

For older siblings aged 12 and over, there will also be musical virtual reality experiences and more digital stuff to discover at the Musikclub between 10am and 3pm.


Offers for teenagers

Konzerthaus digital

ab 12 Jahren

Check out our musical VR experiences and other digital stuff at the Music Club between 10am and 3pm!

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    During the live concerts for the younger ones, older siblings can discover classical music with us digitally - between 10:00 and 15:00 at several stations in the Musikclub.

    For the digital offer in the Musikclub, please book time slots here free of charge. Ticket holders for other events on this day can drop by spontaneously and will be admitted according to availability. 20 seats are available per time slot (60 min.).


    from 6 years - digital application

    Hands-on: use the Orchestra Box to understand how a symphony orchestra is structured. When the figures of 16 members of our Konzerthausorchester are placed on the orchestra box, they play their part in an excerpt of Debussy's "Children's Corner" - alone, in groups or tutti ( = all together) as desired.

    Spielzeit on

    from 10 years - video station

    Live concerts, challenges, nerd talk: In our Spielzeit on the livestreaming platform, we take a look at the everyday work of members of the Konzerthausorchester Berlin. In the original Twitch setting, the funniest and most exciting moments from 17 episodes so far are broadcast with lots of insider knowledge - from "How do you tune a timpani?" to "What do you do before a concert?".

    Beethoven Opus 360

    from 12 years - virtual reality application

    The virtual reality game BEETHOVEN // OPUS 360 brings the young Beethoven to life - in the middle of a rap battle! So immediately put on the VR goggles to assist him as a coach against an experienced battle rapper. The task is to determine beats, rap lines and more, and to win over the audience together with Ludwig van B.. Along the way, you learn a lot about his life and work.


    from 16 years - Virtual Reality application

    Waking dream, mysterious garden, walk-through score - ˈʊmˌvɛltn̩ is all that. Composer Mark Barden and visual artist Julian Bonequi have created a VR application with the Konzerthausorchester Berlin in which eye and ear are on equal footing. Thanks to VR glasses, simply dive into this mysterious world and interact there with wondrous creatures, plants and sounds!

Together: Kick-off session for the foundation of a youth advisory council

13 bis 20 Jahre

Would you like to contribute your voice? And reflect on all the ways your generation is passionate about music? How can young people have a bigger say in Berlin’s music scene? In a 45-minute workshop, we would like to discuss together what form a youth advisory board at the Konzerthaus would take. The first 30 workshop registrations will receive a free ticket to the concert at 6 p.m. “Film Music – The Sister of Classical Music”.
Please send registrations to:

Jugendkonzert „Filmmusik – Die Schwester der Klassik“

Epic, dramatic, rhythmic, dreamy – in the cosy atmosphere of the Music Club, four young musicians from the Konzerthausorchester Berlin’s Kurt Sanderling Academy will ignite your mental cinema from 6 pm. Sit back, chill and let the music do what it does best!

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Supporting program

You can laugh heartily between the concerts at Children's Day, when four clowns from Lachen hilft e.V. perform sibling scenes throughout the Konzerthaus.

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For this event, you will not receive tickets through our webshop. You will therefore be redirected to an external page of the organizer. If you have any not completed bookings on, they will be dissolved after 20 minutes.