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The blue hour has dissolved into a pleasant memory, the pulse of the city drops noticeably, one begins to breathe deeply: at precisely 9 pm, violinist Daniel Hope opens his salon for music and conversation in our Werner Otto Hall. “Hope@9pm” is a contemporary descendant of Berlin’s 18th century salon culture with its cultural and political debates and discussions, its esprit and its music. This season, the well-travelled musician invites you into his temporary living room, together with guests such as conductor Christian Thielemann, medical cabaret artist or book author Eckart von Hirschhausen. Always at Daniel Hope’s side: piano accompanist Jacques Ammon. Find inspiration and amusement, debate with others and remain open for surprises!

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Book all four events of the 2018/19 season with a package-discount of 15%!

Die Package-Buchung ist in der aktuellen Saison nicht mehr möglich!

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