Interactive Composition

In 2021, our concert hall will have been standing on Gendarmenmarkt for two full centuries – the perfect reason to celebrate with an interactive commissioned work for the Konzerthausorchester Berlin. The aim here is an interactive installation that explores design possibilities along the interfaces of new music, visual art, virtual reality and augmented reality. 

„ˈʊmˌvɛltn̩“ – The project

Komponist Mark Barden und Visual Artist Julian Bonequi erhielten den Auftrag einer interaktiven Komposition, die die Gestaltungsmöglichkeiten an den Schnittstellen Neue Musik, visuelle Kunst und Virtual Reality auslotet. „ˈʊmˌvɛltn̩“ heißt die von Ihnen erschaffene interaktive Umgebung im Konzerthaus Berlin, in der Nutzende sich per VR-Brille individuell mitkomponierend einen Weg durch eine phantastische Welt der Pflanzenwesen und Klänge bahnen können. 

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The jury's decision The recording sessions with the Konzerthausorchester Interaktive Klangwelten in Virtual Reality

About the artists

Mark Barden’s compositions are complex and original. He has received numerous awards, collaborated with Ensemble Mosaik, Klangforum Wien and ensemble intercontemporain and his works have been performed at the Donaueschingen Music Festival and Ultraschall Berlin, among others. The visual artist Julian Bonequi brings a creative visual vocabulary, wide-ranging experience in the field of digital art and a deep affinity for music. Several of his virtual reality and augmented reality works have already received prestigious awards.

The project is being created in close collaboration with APOLLO members of the HTW Berlin University of Applied Sciences and supported by “experimente#digital” – a cultural initiative of the Aventis Foundation.

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