Weihnachten mit dem Konzerthaus

Our musical Advent for you with concerts, children's program and digital formats.

Baroque christmas concert with Organ and trumpet in our festive Great Hall or Christmas Karaoke with our video clips at your place next to the Christmas tree? Shining children's eyes through our Christmas play in the Werner-Otto-Saal or eating cookies with our radio play cat at home? Or rather Christmas playlists of our KHO musicians via headphones while walking through the wintry forest?

Of course, you can also just put it all together on your (pre-)Christmas wish list! In any case, we wish you a peaceful Advent season and just as happy holidays with our concerts on site at the Konzerthaus and our musical Christmas ideas here online. Just check back here soon - we'll keep filling up our digital Christmas plate!


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Concert tips for the Christmas season

Christmas market on the Bebelplatz

Due to construction work on the Gendarmenmarkt, the Christmas market will move to Bebelplatz this year.

Premium customers will receive free admission upon presentation of the current Konzerthaus Card premium.

Die Wichtelmänner

Ein Hörstück nach den Brüdern Grimm

Passend zu unserem Weihnachtsstück „beschenkt“ haben wir das Thema Schenken aufgegriffen und ein Weihnachtsmärchen der Gebrüder Grimm mit Musikausschnitten von „beschenkt“ als kleines Hörstück umgesetzt.

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Anna Steinkogler Harfe
Valentin Butt Bajan
André Lewski Erzähler
Jennipher Antoni Schusterin
Martin Lutz Aufnahmeleitung, Produktion, Schnitt
Christine Mellich Textfassung, Regie

Christmas Karaoke - Sing along!

Dem einen fehlt an einer Stelle die Melodie, die andere ist ab der zweiten Strophe nicht ganz textsicher, schon wackelt der gemischte Familienchor beträchtlich. Wir schaffen Abhilfe: Unsere Orchestermusiker*innen haben Lieblingsklassiker weihnachtlicher Liedkultur aufgenommen. Den Text blenden wir einfach ein – fertig ist das Weihnachtskaraoke-Erlebnis fürs Wohnzimmer!


Avigail Bushakevitz Violine
Linda Fichtner Violine
Katja Plagens Viola
Viola Bayer Violoncello
Jan Westermann Schlagzeug
Damian Scholl Arrangement

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Christmas playlist

Favourite pieces for the Christmas season, compiled by our musicians

All candles lit within reach, blanket, hot drink and cat Ginny grabbed - that's cellist Alexander Kahl's recipe for a cozy Advent afternoon on the sofa. He shares the matching music in his playlist.

An unusual, very personal Christmas playlist has been put together for you by our percussionist and conductor of the Audience Orchestra Dirk Wucherpfennig at the end of this extraordinary year.

Our cellist Nerina Mancini grew up with Christmas carols and recipes from several countries - a French-Swiss family, born in Florence, raised in California and at home with the Konzerthausorchester Berlin for 16 years! What she likes to hear best while baking, she shares with you in her playlist.

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For this event, you will not receive tickets through our webshop. You will therefore be redirected to an external page of the organizer. If you have any not completed bookings on konzerthaus.de, they will be dissolved after 20 minutes.