Sören Linke

Principal Trumpet
  • born in Potsdam
  • Member of the orchestra since 1993
  • Chamber music at the Konzerthaus Berlin: Konzerthaus Brass Berlin

Sören Linke studied in Berlin at the Hanns Eisler Academy of Music and was a member of the Schleswig-Holstein Festival Orchestra. In 2007 he switched to the position of principal trumpet in the Konzerthausorchester Berlin. He is a lecturer at the Hanns Eisler Academy of Music and at the Bach Gymnasium.


What is particularly appealing to you about playing the trumpet?

I have always liked the sound and versatility of the trumpet. You can play it softly and gently or loudly and raucously. It’s versatile, and can play classical to jazz to pop music. I have also been able to make very different music with the trumpet. So it’s always exciting and I can continually develop as a musician.

Which composer inspires you the most?

I am fascinated by the music of Sergei Prokofiev. He composed a diverse range of works and great orchestral sounds, as well as imaginative melodies with interesting harmonies. Unfortunately, there is no solo piece for the trumpet, but the orchestral literature is very varied and demanding for the trumpet, and it requires intensive preparation. There are great leaps in tone and extreme registers that need to be mastered. I have already come up with various exercises for warming up based on passages of Prokofiev pieces.


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