Daniel Werner

Principal Piccolo Flute
Daniel Werner
  • born in Merano (South Tyrol)
  • Member of the orchestra since 2017

Daniel Werner studied in Bolzano and in Munich with Andrea Lieberknecht. He is a member of the “14 Berlin Flutists”.


What do you find particularly appealing about playing the piccolo?

The piccolo is often very evident and is often ridiculed as a kind of marching band instrument on which you can play very high and shrill notes. But that isn’t what makes it special. I find it particularly exciting to give it a voice, a soul – the fact that the instrument is tiny doesn’t mean it has nothing to say.

Is there anything you would like to tell us about the individual instrument you play?

When I bought the piccolo I play, it was in catastrophic condition. It is about 60 years old, so of course the mechanics were no longer in top shape. But there were individual notes on the instrument that really got under my skin when I played it. So I decided to have the instrument overhauled. It took a few years until it was “in shape” again. Today it is a wonderfully versatile instrument for me. The piccolo was made by Hans Reiner.

Is there a key work that started your love of music?

The orchestral version of Brahms’ Hungarian Dances was my very first CD, which I bought with a voucher in a bookshop. I listened to that CD over and over, getting closer to the music.

What is your favourite dish, where do you eat it in Berlin, or do you cook it yourself?

My favourite dish is lasagne, and my mum makes it the best!


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