Alexandra Kehrle

Principal E sharp Clarinet
  • born in Weißenhorn (Bavaria)
  • Member of the orchestra since 2007

Alexandra Kehrle studied in Munich with Ulf Rodenhäuser and in Berlin with Karl-Heinz Steffens and was a scholarship holder at the Orchestra Academy of the Staatskapelle Berlin.


What do you enjoy most about being an orchestral musician?

Someone once said to me that we musicians don’t work, we make other people happy. For me, that is the most beautiful thing about making music. Not only that what we do makes ourselves as musicians happy and fulfilled, but that this is also conveyed and the music is able to touch our listeners directly. To be able to experience something like that in our daily professional lives is a great gift.


Is there an instrument other than your own that you would like to master?

My family comes from Bavaria, and I grew up in the countryside. As a child, I wanted to learn the flute. But the conductor of the music society in our village told us that the brass band urgently needed new clarinet players and not flutists. So the clarinet actually chose me, so to speak.

Which composer inspires you the most?

As a clarinettist whose instrument was developed rather late in the course of music history, I will unfortunately never have the pleasure of playing original works by Johann Sebastian Bach. Yet I feel that his music is so permeated with great purity, such sublime beauty, that it fills me with awe and makes me feel humble.



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