The Sounds of Berlin

25 to 28 November 2021

What does Berlin sound like? In the 21st century, the city is culturally and socially more international, diverse and multifaceted than ever before. Many musical cultures meet here, inspiring each other to new styles and forms of music-making. At the four-day festival The Sounds of Berlin, the Konzerthaus Berlin will be presenting new music from the metropolis that is definitely worth hearing.

Jazz, orchestral and electro sounds

This includes world premieres by Berlin composers with the Konzerthausorchester Berlin, conductor Emilio Pomàrico with the vision string quartet, top-class jazz by pianist Julia Hülsmann and friends, an episode of Hope@9pm with mandolinist Avi Avital and a performance by the Babylon Orchestra, which combines European and Middle Eastern music, big band and orchestral sound.

Producer, curator and queer activist DJ Ipek uniquely mixes traditional Middle Eastern and Anatolian music with electronic sounds, and will transform the Great Hall with video artist Mahir Duman. The Trickster Orchestra explores the radically contemporary when it brings the festival to a close with the Konzerthausorchester, combining ideas, concepts, forms, rites, languages and artistic knowledge from various origins into new musical experiences and textures.

The Sounds of Berlin hybrid

In the livestream "The Sounds of Berlin hybrid" on 28 November at 4 p.m., we will take a closer look at how diverse Berlin sounds. To do this, we will connect various audience groups at three Berlin venues and on the web. Join us as ensembles and artists from different disciplines and cultures improvise on the sounds of our city to animated films and a video score, among other things.

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Funded as part of the Digital Development in the Cultural Sector funding programme by the Senate Department for Culture and Europe.


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