Akademie für Alte Musik Berlin

Akademie für Alte Musik Berlin Margret Köll Harp David Bergmüller Mandolin Georg Kallweit Violin Mayumi Hirasaki Violin
Arcangelo Corelli Concerto grosso D-Dur op. 6 Nr. 1 Georg Friedrich Händel Konzert für Harfe und Orchester B-Dur op. 4 Nr. 6 HWV 294 Evaristo Felice Dall'Abaco Concerto grosso h-Moll op. 6 Nr. 4 Arcangelo Corelli Concerto grosso B-Dur op. 6 Nr. 5 Pause Arcangelo Corelli Concerto grosso F-Dur op. 6 Nr. 6 Antonio Vivaldi Konzert für Mandoline, Streicher und Basso continuo C-Dur RV 425 Arcangelo Corelli Concerto grosso D-Dur op. 6 Nr. 4

Look forward to an evening that will transport you directly from the gray Berlin winter to summery Italy! At the beginning of the 18th century, the whole of Europe was gripped by concerti grossi fever. All roads led to Rome, where Arcangelo Corelli ushered in a new era of instrumental music with his concerto collection op. 6. Corelli's concertos juxtapose a small orchestral group with a large one and are based entirely on the elegance and warmth of the string sound. They continue to amaze today with their enormous tonal differentiation and the close interweaving of all the string parts.

The other works on the program also exude pure Italianità. The two concertos for harp and mandolin are characterized by melodic abundance and rousing interplay between soloist and orchestra: two 'hidden champions' of Baroque music that are all too rarely in the spotlight. Margret Köll, an internationally sought-after specialist for the historical harp, is the soloist. The lute virtuoso David Bergmüller plays the solo part in Vivaldi's mandolin concerto, which captures the spirit of baroque Venice in an inimitable way. Translated with DeepL.com (free version)

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