Unique Packages

Exclusive Offers in season 2019/20

Look forward to the season 2019/20 at the Konzerthaus Berlin and take advantage of our exclusive Concert-Packages. The best seats for our coveted concert formats can also be purchased online.

Symphony Package "Spring"

Three concerts for 90 Euros

Sinfonie-Paket Frühling-Spezial

Three concerts – one price. Our symphony package for the springseason.

The Konzerthausorchester Berlin with its Chief Conductor Christoph Eschenbach and Juraj Valčuha. The Deutsche Kammerphilharmonie Bremen with pianist Elisabeth Leonskaja will also be guests.


Unser Geschenk-Tipp

Kennen Sie jemanden, der endlich mal öfter ins Konzert gehen möchte? Dann schenken Sie ihm und sich doch unser Sinfonie-Paket! Drei große Sinfoniekonzerte für 90 Euro!

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Neu: 360° Raum:Klang

Old music new performed


In our new Late Night format "360 ° Room: Sound", you will experience unconventional groups from the early music scene, such as the Calmus Ensemble or The Playfords in the Great Hall up close - Old music is an unprecedented newcomer.

Book all 3 dates in the package for 45 Euro instead of 54 Euro.

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45 Euro instead 54 Euro

The package is sold out.

Concert dates

On Thursdays at 22.00 h
07.11.2019 · 12.03.2020 · 07.05.2020


Pay less with a subscription

The Mozart Matinee provides deep relaxation for the entire family. After coffee, cocoa and croissants, all the big ones from age 7 listen to the Konzerthausorchester. And all the little ones from age 3 are well looked after while they make their own music.

Family Package

Die Einzelkonzerte sind auch als Familienpackage ab 57 Euro erhältlich.

Concert dates

On Sundays at 11.00 h
15.12.2019 · 16.02.2020 · 24.05.2020


Take a seat! Among the musicians...

Pick your favourite spot in the midst of the orchestra – the musicians of the Konzerthausorchester will rearrange themselves for you. The title of the “Right in the Middle” series should be taken literally: simply find a seat in the midst of the orchestra, and the musicians of the Konzerthausorchester Berlin will reseat themselves. And then you can experience music up-close and personally. Maybe you’ll even feel the very special atmosphere that arises between the orchestral members and our principal conductor while making music. You’ll also have the opportunity to ask Iván Fischer questions..

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Package-Price: 15% less

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Concert dates

On Thursdays 18.30 h
23.01.2020 · 12.03.2020 · 07.05.2020

2 x hören

With Christian Jost

A work is performed – perhaps without previous knowledge on the part of the audience, in any case without a programme booklet or an introduction. Afterwards, our emcees and artists talk about the background and characteristics of the work, which will then be played for a second time. The series alternates between contemporary and classical music.

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Package-Price: 25% less

Packages are sold out!

Concert dates

At 20.00 h
21.10.2019 · 02.12.2019 · 29.04.2020 · 08.06.2020


Music and Talk

To attend this chat and music show at prime time, 9pm, you should be able to understand German.

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Package-Price: 15% less

Packages are sold out!

Concert dates

13.09.2019 · 26.11.2019 · 11.01.2020 · 19.06.2020

Rush Hour Concerts

Listen to Jazzmusic frequently

Rush Hour Konzert

Begin your evening in a relaxing manner by listening to jazz sounds during our Rush Hour concerts, instead of getting stuck in a traffic jam in Berlin.

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Take 5, pay 4!

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Concert dates

Thursdays at 6 pm19.09.2019 · 31.10.2019 · 28.11.2019 · 19.12.2019 · 30.01.2020 · 27.02.2020 · 26.03.2020 · 30.04.2020 · 21.05.2020 · 04.06.2020 


Music and afternoon Espresso

What a pleasant idea for a lunch break! After a stimulating espresso, listen to wonderful music in a relaxed atmosphere.
The programme, played by members of the Konzerthausorchester and outstanding young talents, will be introduced by the musicians in the concert. Afterwards you can get back to work with a bounce in your step! Wednesdays at 14.00 h.

To the concerts

Take 6, pay 5!

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Our Packages for families


from 3 years

Now all children age of 3 and above, who until now could only accompany their older siblings to the concert hall, can enjoy something of their own – KlangKüken, the new series featuring the box – the perfect treat for kids. From this mysterious object, musicians and artists develop stories inspired by the times of the year four times a season, full of sounds, shadow play, movement, dance and interaction.

Zu unseren Junior-Angeboten

Take 4, pay 3!

The packages are already sold out!


Sonnabend/Sonntag, immer 15.30 Uhr
05./06.10.2019 ∙ 14./15.12.2019 ∙ 15./16.02.2020 ∙ 23./24.05.2020


ab 6 Jahre

This series follows on the trail of all special events held in the Konzerthaus during the 2019/20 season. Inspired by them, programmes have been developed for children over 6.

Zu unseren Junior-Angeboten

Take 4, pay 3!

The packages are already sold out!


Immer Sonntag, 11 Uhr oder 15 Uhr
27.10.2019 (11 und 14.30 Uhr) ∙ 22.12.2019 ∙ 12.01.2020 ∙ 07.03.2020 (nur 15 Uhr im Großen Saal)

Infos und Bestellungen

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Monday-Saturday from 12:00pm to 7:00pm

Sundays and Holidays from 12:00pm to 4:00pm


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For this event, you will not receive tickets through our webshop. You will therefore be redirected to an external page of the organizer. If you have any not completed bookings on konzerthaus.de, they will be dissolved after 20 minutes.