Something is going on here!

Jan. 8, 2023


“What exactly have they been up to there since the spring of 2021?” passers-by and concert audiences have been asking themselves in view of the scaffolding, boards and tarps wrapped around the Konzerthaus Berlin.

Something very sensible: Our historic building and our office building are being renovated to improve energy efficiency. This should significantly improve our energy savings – Helping for both the climate and the budget.

The Berlin Programme for Sustainable Development (BENE) approved this energy renovation. It is being financed by the European Fund for Regional Development and the State of Berlin. The construction work is being carried out under the direction of Berliner Immobilienmanagement GmbH

Insights – Construction site Konzerthaus #1

The Konzerthaus Berlin in scaffolding!

In the first construction site clip, our technical director Peter Laduch explains the building projects at the famous Schinkel building.

What’s happening – And what has happened

Ventilation systems equipped with waste heat recovery are a huge step in the right direction. They do not simply blow warm or cold air into the atmosphere. Instead, the energy is regenerated through hydraulic coupling with fresh air. The new air-conditioning systems are more economical, require less maintenance and are more hygienic. This recovery technology will offer a whopping 70% energy savings, i.e. eliminate a total of 342 tonnes of carbon dioxide annually in the future.

Insights – Construction site Konzerthaus #2

On to the construction site

Over 34,000 window panes are being refurbished; huge ventilation units and LED lights are being installed – The Konzerthaus energy renovation is in full swing.

The surface area of our many windows adds up to quite a bit: 2,000 square metres are now being recoated and around 3,250 insulating glass units are being installed. The new windows reduce sound, insulate and prevent solar radiation. Whether the imposing chandelier in the Great Hall or modest wall lights in the stairwell – they are now all equipped with LED lighting instead of traditional light bulbs.

Insights – Construction site Konzerthaus #3

Down in the cellar!

Puddles in the cellar... Peter Laduch shows what is being done about this in the third construction site clip.

And what will happen next

Due to the current threat of energy shortages, we are developing various scenarios and emergency plans to further reduce energy consumption. For this purpose, the German Theatre and Orchestra Association has worked out a checklist and recommended actions with the German Theatre Technical Society, which we are coordinating with Berliner Immobilienmanagement (BIM).


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