Experience ticket

Experience first, pay later - with the experience price you determine
what your concert visit is worth to you.

At eight selected festival concerts, not only the music, the schedule and the allocation of seats are "out of joint", but also the admission. Only on konzerthaus.de you can book up to two tickets at an experience price. That means: pay nothing at all, just go to the concert and then decide for yourself what your concert experience is worth.

Here's how

Book your experience ticket:

  • The eight festival events with the experience ticket option are listed here on the page.
  • With one click you can book one or two tickets for the experience price.
  • The free online tickets are available after entering your data.
  • After the concert we will send you a mail with a ticket link.
  • And you simply pay as much as your concert visit is worth to you.
More about the Festival „Aus den Fugen“

Book your individual price

We have now closed the bookability of the experience prize. We would like to thank everyone who took part in the experience. For enquiries about donation opportunities, please contact our visitor service: 


Aus den Fugen

Festival vom 14. bis 27. November

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For this event, you will not receive tickets through our webshop. You will therefore be redirected to an external page of the organizer. If you have any not completed bookings on konzerthaus.de, they will be dissolved after 20 minutes.