David Bestehorn

  • born in Munich
  • Member of the orchestra since 2006
  • Chamber music at the Konzerthaus Berlin: Konzerthaus Kammerorchester

David Bestehorn studied at the Hanns Eisler Academy of Music with Eberhard Feltz and Michael Mücke. He was a scholarship holder at the Orchestra Academy of the Deutsche Oper Berlin.


What do you enjoy most about being an orchestral musician?

When all the musicians on stage succeed in feeling the magic of the music together and all the voices blend into each other as if there were no difficulties at all, then something arises that cannot be described in words and simply makes us and our audience happy.

What is particularly appealing to you about playing the violin?

It is very fulfilling to play the violin in the orchestra, because it is usually our part that people whistle when they think of a certain piece or a certain symphony. We often get to play the most beautiful melodies.

Is there an instrument other than your own that you would like to master?

Definitely the piano. I am interested in and fascinated by harmonies. For example, when we are rehearsing a symphony by Gustav Mahler in the orchestra, I like to delve into the harmonies of particularly moving passages at home on the piano. My piano playing is sufficient for that, but I would very much like to be able to play entire scores of my favourite works.


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