Alexander Kahl

  • born in Hanau
  • Member of the orchestra since 2005
  • Chamber music at the Konzerthaus Berlin: Konzerthaus Kammerorchester

Alexander Kahl studied in Berlin and Rostock with Michael Sanderling and Josef Schwab. As a member of the “Berliner Cellharmoniker”, he performs at international festivals.


What do you find particularly appealing about playing the cello?

The cello is a versatile instrument and takes on very different functions in the orchestra – often we form the foundation of the orchestra together with the double basses, sometimes we have an interesting accompanying voice and not infrequently we become the main voice of the entire orchestra with a beautiful melody. In these moments, we cellists feel like great soloists!

Is there an instrument other than your own that you would like to master?

I have always been fascinated and inspired by the round and warm sound of the French horn, probably because it is very close to the cello in pitch and timbre – but in any case, it would only be my second choice.

Which composer particularly inspires you?

Personally, I am most moved by Schumann’s music, his symphonies as well as his chamber music and piano works. I find Schumann’s music profoundly human and characterised by a deep inner spiritual expression.

What is your favourite dish, where do you eat it in Berlin, or do you cook it yourself?

The fresh pasta at Centro Italia in Charlottenburg is always good – here you can enjoy Italian flair in the middle of Berlin!


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