Virtual Konzerthaus

In cooperation with the University of Applied Sciences Berlin (HTW), the Konzerthaus has been developing innovative music mediation concepts for classical music in the digital realm since August 2016. The focus is on immersion in virtual worlds, virtual reality (VR), as well as expanding reality through virtual elements, also known as augmented reality (AR). This project is funded by the European Union (European Regional Development Fund).

The Digital Exhibition

Would you like to stand in the middle of the orchestra and look over the conductor’s shoulder? Or switch halls with a single click? This is hardly possible in reality, but it is in the digital world! After months of joint conceptualisation and programming with the University of Applied Sciences Berlin (HTW), the Konzerthaus opened a digital exhibition in the vestibule in spring 2018. Five installations convey the magic and precision of musical interplay, as well as the architecture and history of the Konzerthaus. From spring 2019 the exhibition will be accessible at top of our staircase during the daily opening hours of „EinBlick frei“. Admittance is free.

Konzerthausorchester in 360 degrees

In September 2015, we introduced our first virtual reality application, which gives visitors a 360° view directly into the Konzerthausorchester Berlin. During vestibule opening hours in the summer months, over 10,000 spectators per month have tried on the glasses. For the new production, the fourth movement of Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy’s Fourth Symphony was recorded with four 360° cameras and microphones. Those wearing the glasses can view the Konzerthausorchester and Iván Fischer from the stalls. The head control lets you switch to three different positions within the orchestra – for example, right next to the woodwinds. By turning your head, the image changes, along with the sound. Pure immersion!

The Virtual Quartet

The “Virtual Quartet” is an AR application that can be used on site or anywhere with the free app “Konzerthaus Plus”. If you hold a smartphone over the four playing cards, the musicians of the Konzerthaus Quartet Berlin appear and play the beginning of Franz Schubert’s “Death and the Maiden”. The fun application allows you to listen to all four musicians playing together or to focus on individual instruments and thus learn more about their complex interaction.

Making of the Virtual Quartet

Jetzt bewerben!

Das Konzerthaus Berlin vergibt ein Auftragswerk für eine interaktive Komposition an der Schnittstelle Neue Musik, Visuelle Kunst, AR und VR.

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Our AR App "Konzerthaus Plus" won silver in the category Special Genre at the Annual Multimedia Award. Congratulations!

Even more Konzerthaus on your smartphone

With the interactive AR app “Konzerthaus Plus”, you can also enjoy our digital applications in the comfort of your own home. Simply download the app to your smartphone and discover digitally enhanced spaces with the Virtual Quartet, in the new season brochure or on special postcards. Experience, hear and discover even more of the Konzerthaus!

Here’s how it works:

Step 1: Download

You’ll find “Konzerthaus Plus” in the App Store or Google Play Store. Downloading the app is free of charge.

Step 2: Scan

Open the app and place your smartphone camera over the four cards included in our season brochure. Don’t have a brochure at hand? Download the material right here.

Step 3: Experience

Listen to all four musicians together or remove up to three cards from the camera’s field of view to experience the music in a completely new way.

Want to discover more?

Wherever you see the AR symbol in the season brochure, you can scan the corresponding page with “Konzerthaus Plus” and uncover further digital surprises!

Don’t have a season brochure at hand?

In the app and at the following links, you’ll find “download packages” which you can download, print at home and then scan with the app:

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