Virtual Konzerthaus

In cooperation with the University of Applied Sciences Berlin (HTW), the Konzerthaus has been developing innovative music mediation concepts for classical music in the digital realm since August 2016. The focus is on immersion in virtual worlds, virtual reality (VR), as well as expanding reality through virtual elements, also known as augmented reality (AR). 

ˈʊmˌvɛltn̩ – Umwelten

Interactive Composition

In 2021, our concert hall will have been standing on Gendarmenmarkt for two full centuries – the perfect reason to celebrate with an interactive commissioned work. The aim here is an interactive installation that explores design possibilities along the interfaces of new music, visual art, virtual reality and augmented reality. The jury has reached a decision: Mark Barden (composition) and Julian Bonequi (visual design).

Konzerthaus on your smartphone

With the interactive AR app “Konzerthaus Plus”, you can also enjoy our digital applications in the comfort of your own home. Simply download the app to your smartphone and discover digitally enhanced spaces with the Virtual Quartet, in the new season brochure or on special postcards. Experience, hear and discover even more of the Konzerthaus!

In the app and at the following links, you’ll find “download packages” which you can download, print at home and then scan with the app:

The package to download and print at home (GER) The package to download and print at home (EN)


Our AR App "Konzerthaus Plus" won silver in the category Special Genre at the Annual Multimedia Award. Congratulations!

The Digital Exhibition

Would you like to stand in the middle of the orchestra and look over the conductor’s shoulder? Or switch halls with a single click? This is hardly possible in reality, but it is in the digital world! After months of joint conceptualisation and programming with the University of Applied Sciences Berlin (HTW), the Konzerthaus opened a digital exhibition in the vestibule in spring 2018. Seven installations convey the magic and precision of musical interplay, as well as the architecture and history of the Konzerthaus. 

The exhibition remains closed until further notice due to the current pandemic.

"The Virtual Quartet"

Making of

More about our tour

Read the blog (in German)

The Konzerthausorchester in 360°

How does it feel to sit right next to the conductor, the concertmaster or the horns? Find out with VR glasses and experience our Konzerthausorchester closer than ever before!

Virtual Quartet

With the world’s first virtual string quartet, you can experience the Konzerthaus Quartet in compact format. What makes it so special: You decide whether you’d like to listen to the musicians together or whether you’d prefer to concentrate on a single instrument.

Virtual Tour

Go on a virtual tour through the Konzerthaus Berlin and take a completely new look at the eventful history of our concert hall and its orchestra with VR glasses!

Only Berlin sounds like this!

Go on an acoustic journey of discovery through Berlin with the Konzerthausorchester and our interactive sound map! You’re probably familiar with all the sounds from the award-winning web video series #klangberlins.

Orchestra game

Where does the bassoon sit? And where are the double basses? Our orchestra game introduces younger visitors in particular to the instruments and the structure of a large symphony orchestra, which is not always easy to get a grasp on.

The Konzerthaus Berlin in augmented reality

Use the tablet to explore the Konzerthaus and discover details that may have escaped your attention until now – for example, Apollo, the god of the fine arts, high up on the roof of our Konzerthaus!

The project is funded by the European Union.

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The project "Interactive Composition" is supported by “experimente#digital” – a cultural initiative of the Aventis Foundation.

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