SILENT SONGS into the wild

Szenisches Konzert von Nico and the Navigators
Nicola HümpelKünstlerische Leitung Oliver ProskeBühnenbild und Videotechnik Tobias WeberArrangements, Gitarre und Kontrabass Philine TiezelDramaturgie und Regieassistenz Apollon Musagète Quartett Matan PoratPiano Julla von LandsbergSopran Sarah LaulanKontra-Alt Ted SchmitzTenor Nikolay BorchevBariton Yui KawaguchiTanz und Choreographie Anna-Luise ReckeTanz und Choreographie Michael ShapiraTanz und Choreographie Fabian Bleisch und Andreas FuchsLicht Bodo GottschalkKamera und Live Video Editing Cristina Lelli Kostüme Miriam LellekKostümhospitanz David RusitschkaTon Holger Müller und Sonja WinklerBühnenbildassistenz Judith BodensteinProduktion
Franz Schubert Auszüge aus „Die schöne Müllerin" D 795, "Winterreise" D 911, Streichquartett d-Moll op. post D 810 (Der Tod und das Mädchen) u.a.

Franz Schubert’s Lieder are about wandering and departure, about everlasting disaffection and loneliness. What would it mean in a time of mass migration to approach these texts and lieder with all our senses?

How much courage is needed to leave oneself exposed to the deeply embedded and strong emotions, the upheaval of feelings, of pain and loss, longing and love, revenge and hope? Have these feelings changed in the 21st century? How does music escape the body and how do emotions find manifestation in an auditory experience?

For String Quartet, 4 Singers, 3 Performers, Piano, E-Guitar and two Cameras:

In ‘SILENT SONGS into the wild’ singers, musicians and dancers embark on a journey through the world of classical song discovering them anew in the here and now. They are not limited to their voice but utilize their whole personalities and their complete range and repertoire of emotions and movement. Within the tension field of intimacy and outburst, past and present, they develop new vocal and corporal forms of interpretation, finding their own avenues to these once popular songs.

Songs from the cycles "Schwanengesang", "Winterreise" and "Die Schöne Müllerin" as well as other Schubert songs are interwoven over the course of the evening revealing a surprising and unknown cycle. Scenic moods grow from between the Lieder - topical societal references through musical association. Set into motion, the Navigators react like a seismograph to Schubert’s Lieder.

  • Eine Produktion von Nico and the Navigators und Bozar Music Brüssel. Koproduziert von den Niedersächsischen Musiktagen sowie dem Konzerthaus Berlin. In Kooperation mit der Elbphilharmonie Hamburg. Gefördert durch die Kulturstiftung des Bundes, die Rusch-Stiftung sowie aus Mitteln des Landes Berlin.

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