musica reanimata

Ein Wiener Jude in Buenos Aires: Guillermo Graetzer (1914 - 1993)
Melina PaetzoldKlarinette Clemens LinderVioline Holger GroschoppPiano
Guillermo Graetzer "Sestina" für Violine und Klavier (1976) Guillermo Graetzer "Epitafio para J. J. Castro" für Klarinette und Klavier (1982) Guillermo Graetzer Grave für Violine solo (1945) Guillermo Graetzer Auszüge aus den Toccaten (1938) und Bagatellen (1946) für Klavier

Rediscovered and revived: In cooperation with musica reanimata e.V., the Konzerthaus revises the forgotten works of composers who were banned during the National Socialism era and erased from memory.

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