„Klänge der Steppe“ (Mongolei)

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Bayarjargal Jargalsaikhan Ikh Khuur Munkhnyam Batkhuyag Pferdekopfgeige Namuuna Bat-Erdene Yatga Khosbayar Bayarsaikhan Obertonsänger, zweisaitige Langhalslaute, Maultrommel Ariunbaatar Battumur Sänger, Schamanentrommel Luvsantseren Boldbaatar Obertonsänger, Pferdekopfgeige Zoltsetseg Boldbaatar Wölbbrettzither, Gesang Anujin Enkhtaivan Dance Bolormaa Enkhtaivan Voice

Supposed paradoxes are broken at a highly artistic level. In Mongolia, the sounds of nature have been imitated for centuries through the sound of voices and instruments. As an artistic expression, but also to enter into a dialogue with nature. The Urtin Duu singing of the women, for example, comforts the listener over the overwhelming silence of the Gobi Desert, while the overtone singing of the men, accompanied by the Mongolian national instrument, the horse-head fiddle, conjures up images of Genghis Khan and his horsemen.
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