Expeditionskonzert mit Joana Mallwitz

und mit dem Konzerthausorchester Berlin
Konzerthausorchester Berlin Joana Mallwitz Conductor
Ludwig van Beethoven Sinfonie Nr. 5 c-Moll op. 67

‘The expedition concerts are all about the pure joy of listening. We approach the great masterpieces of classical music from different directions, listen to the details, combine background stories and anecdotes with musical discoveries and take the audience on this journey,’ says Joana Mallwitz, describing the format. She first shares her enthusiasm at the piano, then switches to conducting the Konzerthausorchester. The entire work is then performed together - in this case Ludwig van Beethoven's Fifth Symphony from 1807/08, the first four notes of which are among the most famous beginnings of works in music history. Its universe, according to a popular interpretation, is the individual and his/her fate. This is why it unofficially bears the German nickname ‘Fate Symphony’, which was not given to it by Beethoven. The composer struggled with his early onset of deafness. He found the strength not to despair in composing and also wanted to uplift his fellow human beings in distress: ‘Anyone who knows my music cannot become completely despondent.’

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