An hour with the modern art ensemble

Short early peaces
modern art ensemble
Makiko Nishikaze „scene for six“ für Flöte, Klarinette, Violine, Viola, Violoncello und Klavier Charlotte Seither „Alleanza d'archi“ für Violine, Viola und Violoncello Tomoya Yokokawa „Blumen ohne Duft“ für Flöte, Viola und Klavier Elena Mendoza „Nebelsplitter"für Violine, Viola, Violoncello und Klavier Pause Jürgen Kupfer Klaviertrio (UA) Rebecca Saunders „The undersite of green“ für Klarinette, Violine und Klavier Mert Morali „A captured winter“ für Flöte, Klarinette, Violine, Viola, Violoncello und Klavier

The modern art ensemble presents seven short early pieces by composers of different generations united by the momentum of new beginnings. Tomoya Yokokawa’s “Flowers without Scent”, for example, consists of the miniatures “Snow Rain”, “White Snow”, “Peony Snow”, “Powder Snow”, “Sleet” and “Snow in Spring”. He explores paradoxical “timbres without colour” analogous to “flowers without scent”. In “Alleanza d’archi” by Charlotte Seither, three string players become one collaborative string instrument. Elena Mendoza’s three fragments “Fog Splinters” are a lively study in timbre and tonal gesture. Jürgen Kupfer’s Piano Trio, a world premiere, takes us back to the aesthetics of the early 1970s. In Mert Morali’s “A Captured Winter”, powerful gestures are repeatedly interrupted in order to regenerate and revolt anew. Ultimately, the bass flute arises for the last time to a melodic movement, only to be smothered in pauses and finally in breathing noises.

  • Gefördert vom Musikfonds e.V., mit Unterstützung von „Neustart Kultur“

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