Adam’s Passion

Musiktheater von Arvo Pärt und Robert Wilson
Konzerthausorchester Berlin Estnischer Philharmonischer Kammerchor Tõnu KaljusteMusikalische Leitung Arvo PärtMusik Robert WilsonRegie, Bühne, Lichtkonzept A.J. WeissbardLicht Tilman HeckerMitarbeit Regie Serge von ArxMitarbeit Bühne Carlos SotoKostüme Konrad KuhnDramaturg Mauro FarinaTechnische Leitung Lucinda ChildsPerformerin Michalis TheophanousPerformer Endro RoosimäePerformer Erki LaurPerformer Tatjana KosmõninaPerformerin Triin MartsPerformerin
Arvo Pärt „Adam´s Passion“ – eine Produktion von Robert Wilson basierend auf Arvo Pärts Werken für Chor und Orchester "Adam's Lament", "Miserere", dem Doppelkonzert für zwei Violinen "Tabula Rasa" sowie dem Orchesterwerk "Sequentia"

Three years after its premiere in Tallinn, Arvo Pärt and Robert Wilson’s acclaimed joint venture arrives at Gendarmenmarkt. After being expelled from the Garden of Eden, Adam anticipates all of mankind’s catastrophes, blaming himself for them. But in the end, he once again seeks the love of God. The musical components of “Adam’s Passion” are the choral works “Adam’s Lament” and “Miserere”, the double concerto for two violins “Tabula rasa” and the newly composed “Sequentia”, which is dedicated to Robert Wilson. The star director captures the story of creation and destruction in highly suggestive images that are full of symbolism. He describes the unique collaboration with the composer: “When I first heard the music of Arvo Pärt in the early 1980s, I immediately felt drawn to it. It created an intellectual space that I had never known before – a space of immense freedom. ‘Adam’s Passion’ can be heard and seen. I am constructing a kind of environment that allows the audience to listen to the music better. It is difficult to ‘stage’ Arvo Pärt’s music. It challenges reflection; when we leave the theatre, we think about it further. It is important to remain open as a director or set designer. I create a space that stimulates thought, but does not insist that the audience thinks what I think. So you can feel the evening differently each time you experience it. The only constant is change. What counts is our experience of the moment. It is hard for me to talk about spiritual matters. So much that we see on the stage is outward. This music is connected to something deeper. You do not have to illustrate it. It creates a spiritual space that allows a process of reflection.”

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