Konzerthaus Kammerorchester

The Konzerthaus Kammerorchester was founded in 2009 and consists of members of the Konzerthausorchester Berlin. It performs its own concert series in the Konzerthaus and has already worked with well-known soloists, including Misha Maisky and Daniel Hope.

The Kammerorchester would like to “take a chance on more democracy”. Whether in the selection of its programmes and instrumentation, or the choice of soloists and conductors – all members are involved in making the decisions. Conventional hierarchies found in large symphony orchestras, which classify musicians as soloists, principals and tuttists, are abolished. Merely the position of the concertmaster has been maintained so that democracy does not turn into anarchy.

The first highly acclaimed CD of the Konzerthaus Kammerorchester titled “Recomposed by Max Richter: Vivaldi – The Four Seasons” (Deutsche Grammophon / Universal), featuring violinist Daniel Hope as soloist, enjoyed several chart successes in many countries.

Further recordings of the Kammerorchester on the Berlin classical label “b-sharp” can be purchased exclusively at the Konzerthaus.


  • Violin

    • Sayako Kusaka
      David Bestehorn
      Karoline Bestehorn
      Cornelia Dill
      Andreas Finsterbusch
      Johannes Jahnel
      Teresa Kammerer
      Jana Krämer-Forster
      Christoph Kulicke
      Na-Rie Lee
      Alicia Marial
      Stefan Markowski
      Melanie Richter
      Ulrike Töppen
      Christiane Ulbrich

  • Viola

    • Amalia Arnoldt
      Matthias Benker
      Felix Korinth
      Ernst-Martin Schmidt
      Pei-Yi Wu

  • Violoncello

    • Alexander Kahl
      Nerina Mancini
      Ying Guo

  • Double bass

    • Stefan Mathes
      Stephan Petzold
      Igor Prokopets
      Angelika Starke
      Sandor Tar

  • Woodwind

    • Silvia Careddu (Flöte)
      Prof. Pirmin Grehl (Flöte)
      Antje Schurrock (Flöte)
      Egbert Hirseland (Oboe)
      Michaela Kuntz (Oboe)
      Nadine Resatsch (Oboe)
      Alexandra Kehrle (Klarinette)
      Michael von Schönermark (Fagott)

  • Brass

    • Dimitry Babanov (Horn)
      Timo Steininger (Horn)
      Andreas Böhlke (Horn)

  • Percussion

    • Christian Löffler



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