Tribute to Vienna Philharmonic

14–23 December 2018

The Vienna Philharmonic has been associated with the Konzerthaus Berlin since it played during our inauguration month on 29 October 1984, back in the GDR era. Now it’s time for their own tribute, featuring major orchestral works by Mozart, Bruckner and Brahms, but also with chamber ensembles that show the musical heritage of this venerable orchestra in all its diversity – whether waltzes with the Vienna Ring Ensemble, Viennese folk music or wild arrangements with the Philharmonix, who merge Strauss and Brahms with the music of Freddy Mercury and Sting. 

Wiener Wörterbuch Teil 1

Wienerisch lernen mit den Wiener Philharmonikern

Wiener Wörterbuch Teil 2

Was sagen die da? So versteht man die Wiener Philharmoniker richtig!

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