For kindergartens and schools

We bring our passion for music to Berlin kindergartens and schools.

Long waiting lists at the Berliner Musikschule and canceled music lessons are the unfortunate result of budget cuts. Our orchestra musicians, music educators and volunteers offer an alternative in the form of a wide range of programs for young people. In addition to open rehearsals, we offer extra afternoon performances of our musical theater productions. For youth (age 16+) we offer specially-designed concert formats which go far beyond the standard concert repertoire.

Our house sees creating so many pathways to music both as our responsibility and as an opportunity to promote cultural openness and tolerance in young people. Because: everyone is musical, and having different tastes is perfectly natural!

At a glance

Our programme for pre-schools and school classes

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For kindergartens, primary schools & intermediate levels

With diverse programme offerings, including musical theatre, concerts, rehearsal visits and more, we provide momentum for getting involved with music.

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For secondary schools

Students from secondary schools, educational institutions and student groups are welcome to attend orchestral rehearsals.

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